Hi, Marina here.

As a young black woman, I struggled for a long time trying to find a great place to meet single black men, and I even tried several different black dating sites. Then I finally found BlackPeopleMeet.com, and this website has truly made such a difference in my success with love. There are, of course, dozens of different dating sites around, but I’ve had such a great experience from this site that I wanted to take a minute to tell others about it.

The Problem With Black Dating Sites

There is a ton of dating sites out there, and some are open to those of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and more. I opted to start looking at black dating sites only because honestly I wanted to date someone who shared my same background and life experiences. I am not opposed to interracial dating, but it just isn’t right for me personally. There are different dating sites out there that appeal to black people, but in my experience, most of the people on those sites were about hooking up rather than developing a relationship.

Beyond the Booty Call

When I found BlackPeopleMeet.com, it really was like a breath of fresh air. So many black singles dating sites are all about meeting someone so you can hook up, but I wasn’t looking for that at all. Call me a romantic, but I wanted to fall in love and meet someone who was looking for the same thing. BlackPeopleMeet.com actually has more than 1,000 members, and they all are people who are looking for something beyond a booty call. So I figured my chances of meeting someone who I could really enjoy spending time with were pretty high.

Signing Up

One thing I really liked about BlackPeopleMeet.com is that it’s completely free to join. I could set up my profile and take a look around at the other members before I paid to join the site. Other black dating sites aren’t like that, and they make you pay before you even check out who is a member. Another thing I like about this site is that you can search through the members as often as you want. There’s no limit to the amount of searching you can do, and this is a real benefit.

My Special Someone

I tried several other black dating sites before I found BlackPeopleMeet.com, but ultimately this was the last site I tried. That’s because I met my fiancé through this site. We dated for about seven months before we decided to get engaged, and our wedding is scheduled for next spring. Others are finding their special someone on this site, too:

“I’d just about given up on love until I found this site. I met my boyfriend on this site, and we’ve been happily dating for about four months now.”
– - Shanna T.

“This is the best site I’ve tried. I’ve met a lot of wonderful women on this site, and while I still haven’t met the right one for me, I’m hopeful I will find her on BlackPeopleMeet.com.”
– - Jamal W.

Stop Being Unhappy

If you haven’t tried BlackPeopleMeet.com and are wasting your time with other black dating sites, you likely are where I was a year or so ago. I was starting to think that I’d never meet someone special. Thankfully, that changed for me thanks to this dating site, and it can change for you, too. It’s free to join and look around, so you really have nothing to lose. You should take a few minutes today to hop online and see who else is a member of this site, and you may just find that special someone like I did.

Black dating sites have really evolved over the last few years as the internet becomes a bigger part of our daily lives.  Over the last two decades the Internet has become more and more commonplace in society at large, and its users and operators have continued to find new uses for it. The World Wide Web is an immense virtual world, and just how much information runs through this world is impossible to estimate, as are the kinds of information accessed.

One such use for the internet is that of online match-making, which has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. Sociologists have already started to take notice of this important trend in society, as using the Internet to find short-term date partners or build long-term relationships is becoming the preferred method for many.

Wired—an American monthly magazine that reports on how technology affects society—made this prediction about these dating websites: “Twenty years from now, the idea that someone looking for love without looking for it online will be silly, akin to skipping the card catalog to instead wander the stacks because ‘the right books are found only by accident.’”

This forecast dates as far back as 2002, and while we have not seen dating methods change to that extent, online dating has grown considerably since then. Match.com and eHarmony are considered to be the most popular online dating scenes, with a combined worldwide membership of over 50 million people.

In addition to these general websites and others like them which provide their service to anyone who visits them, there are many dating sites that cater their service toward specific demographics. These “niche sites” are available for those who would like to narrow down their match search, as many online daters prefer to date those with whom they share certain characteristics such as ethnicity, age, religion or lifestyle.

Match.com offers several niche sites in addition to their main website. BlackPeopleMeet.com and SeniorPeopleMeet.com—to provide just two examples—provide a platform where blacks can meet other blacks and seniors can meet other seniors, respectively.  More sites included are SingleParentMeet.com and BBPeopleMeet.com.

While there are many black singles dating sites, most people agree that BlackPeopleMeet.com is the most dominant among all the black dating sites available.  There large membership and offer to join free continues to make them the number one choice for anyone comparing black dating sites online.

If you are currently looking to find a dating partner you may want to consider using an online dating website, including some of the ones listed above. It is important, however, to do proper research to choose one that will best suit your needs. And if you find that online dating is not for you—well, that’s fine too.

Black Dating Sites

Black Dating Sites

Black Dating Sites have gone hi-tech. Online dating has been popular for many years now and it is not a surprise because it is cheaper and has more population than bar’s or club’s. There are many online dating sites that cater to people with religious backgrounds, same interest groups and even of the same race. You might not know it but there are black dating sites that are gaining massive popularity over the years.


Finding a single, compatible black partner is very hard to find. That is why there are black dating sites that allow individuals to find a partner who has the same heritage as well as cultural values.


In black dating sites, these websites let the members look for a black or African-American group. Some sites offer features like posting profile pictures, message boards, instant messaging and etc. Based on the message boards in these sites, black dating websites are effective ways to create a black community and build new friendship. Not to mention meeting compatible dates with a particular ethnic group. There are also sites that boast of having bigger number of black members. Such sites have email options that other sites lack. If you finally found the girl or guy that you want to date, you can easily reach her or him with live video chat. This way, you can easily find out if the one you are chatting with is a worthy date or not. Black dating sites are a whole lot better than texting. Because in texting, when you finally get to meet each other, you just might get the shock of your life.


Some black dating sites are made specifically for blacks and some are for interracial dating. If you are not black but want to date a black person make sure you join an interracial black dating site. Otherwise you will be wasting your time.  This is because you are definitely not the right type.  Interracial sites cater to a very different type of client.